The Pratter Report

The Ultimate in Medical Cost Transparency in Just a Few Clicks

Is the Pratter Report right for you?

  • Are you committed to unleashing the tremendous pent-up value of your health plan’s claims data to save money on care?
  • Are you tired of blindly paying more for healthcare each year?
  • Are you committed to fulfilling your ERISA responsibility to manage and control your health plan spend?

If you answered YES!...

Your Pratter Report will allow you to see for the first time what’s really going on with your health plan spend. We name names. We show real prices.

  • Understand your top 12 cost drivers in one minute
  • Displays every medical test and provider by name
  • Displays frequency of use by plan members for each provider and procedure

Instant insight and clear answers to “Okay, now what?”

Your Pratter Report creates an “aha!” moment in just seconds:

  • Gain actionable insight on how to save up to $1,000,000 per 1,000 members on routine care without changing carrier/network or benefits
  • Targets the 1,000% pricing variation among top outpatient care spends
  • Targeting just one or two top outpatient care spends can create an ROI
  • Your Pratter Report forms the basis for plan level strategies to save money without the need for employee or member participation

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