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The Pratter Money Map travels with you on our mobile experience. No matter where you are, our Money Map guides you to affordable routine care options. Our Money Map protects you from high cost, surprise medical bills. The same care item often has a 1,000% price variation in the same network. Being in a network alone does not protect you. That’s our job. Pratter has vetted every Money Map provider just for you.

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Option 1

Tiered Benefit

Tiered Benefit (e.g., waive co-pay and coinsurance) for greatest money savings.

We share our Money Map providers with your health plan third party administrator (TPA) to make this happen.

Money Map

Option 2

Visa Cash Reward Card

Can’t change your health plan with a tiered benefit? No worries. Our Visa Cash Reward Card is for you.

You deserve to get paid to get care. The money is loaded onto the member’s reusable Visa debit card within 48 hours. Spend the money anywhere Visa is accepted.

Partnering With Pratter

Have a network? Want your own Money Map? Pratter can do that for you. Make it easy for your members to identify in-network care without reading a complex health plan document or scrolling through a list.

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