What Health Plan Should I Purchase?

There are a number of growing millions of hard working Americans that cannot afford the price of a health insurance premium, now at about $26,000 a year for a family plus another $5,000 out-of-pocket deductible before the health insurance company pays $1 for care. You are lining their bank account with $26,000 in this example.

Alternatives to the above horrific, unaffordable, unsustainable health insurance costs: 

1) Go for the highest deductible. Remember, insurance is for catastrophe prevention - not routine care. Please refer to your auto and home policies. That's how they work. 

2) Always ask for cash price for care and always ask for any special "best cash" program pricing, especially for drugs. Sure, this doesn't go to your deductible but wake up - you are a health care consumer and paying for everything anyway. 

3) Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) plans. They keep you legal under the ACA. A piece of the pie is better than no pie if that's all you can afford. 

4) Christian shares - they are clear to state they are not legally insurance but they still get you covered and for a lot less than the major health insurance companies.

5) Stay healthy. Eat right. Exercise. Be thin. No smoking. No stress. Follow this medical advice and you’ll keep a lot more money in your bank account.