Are You Paying for Health Care? Or Health Insurance?!

Think about it - does your home policy pay for a new coat of paint? Does your auto policy pay for an oil change or tire rotation? It's crystal clear that homeowner and auto insurance is to avoid a financial catastrophe and that we must pay for routine care out-of-pocket. Health care should be the same way.

We should pay for routine health care, such as blood work, imaging and some elective procedures. And we should know the exact price tag, just like we do for home and car parts and service.

Medical cost transparency for routine care, coupled with a catastrophic health insurance policy with a high deductible of $20K or more, would keep more hard-earned money in our pockets and yet avoid financial catastrophe. Lobbyists have prevented us from purchasing health insurance like auto and homeowners’ insurance. This broken, rigged system has blurred the line between care and insurance enhance profit margins.

Let's separate routine health care purchase from catastrophic health insurance coverage. Routine care can and is being itemized with price tags right here, right now, at Placing an insurance product around it makes a lot of common sense.