Get the same medical care for less money

What We Do

CareGuide Advocates is a medical cost savings and transparency company.

We offer three custom software-based cost savings platforms.

Our mission: help millions save billions on routine medical care.
  • We focus on the common care
  • Blood Work
  • Urgent Center Care
  • Surgery Center Care
  • Imaging Studies

Products and Services

Money Map

Tap the Map®

Money Map is a low-cost care locator. Using Google Maps and markers, Money Map displays nearby low cost, in-network providers by category in just seconds.

  • Tap the Map to save or make money
  • Care options travel with you on our mobile experience
  • Save 60% on average with Money Map providers
  • $1,000,000 in potential savings exists on routine care for every 1,000 employees
  • Have a network? Want your own Money Map? CareGuide Advocates can do that for you.

CareGuide Advocates Cost Driver Report

The Ultimate in Medical Cost Transparency in Just a Few Clicks

The CareGuide Advocates Cost Driver Report uses your health plan’s own privacy compliant medical claims data to leverage actionable savings solutions.

  • The only line-itemized health plan spend of cost drivers on the market
  • Top 12 care items make up half the spend. Understand them within one minute.
  • We name names. We show real pricing.
  • Every procedure by test name, CPT code, provider name and real price paid (claim allowable)
  • Frequency of use per provider and procedure (spending pattern by plan members)

1,000% pricing variation exists for the same care in-network. No plan should accept this. Cost drivers can be targeted.

Search and Save Engine

One Billion Searchable Price Tags

  • View lowest to highest priced medical providers per care time with real prices paid
  • Unlimited medical cost searches by zip code at for each member and his or her family
  • Medicare or network-specific pricing (provide us your claims to make this happen)
  • Perfect for reference-based pricing (RBP) health plans
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Who We Serve

CareGuide Advocates serves associations, MEC plans, self-insured employers and unions, third party administrators, health shares and tribal nations.

  • You have the right to view the very medical bills you paid.
  • We make it second grade easy for plans to understand an itemized medical bill of its cost drivers
  • Create actionable insight and solutions to save money on medical care
  • 100% loyal to our self-insured customers
  • No financial conflicts of interest with hospitals or health insurance companies

Partnering With CareGuide Advocates

We seek partnerships with like-minded people, helping those who want all to have affordable access to care the CareGuide Advocates way, growing their businesses while serving others using CareGuide Advocates products and services.

Best-fit business entities include

  • Health plan third party administrators (TPAs)
  • Employee benefit consultants
  • Self-insured companies
  • Self-insured unions
  • Online benefits platforms
  • Professional employer organizations (PEOs)
  • Alternative health plans, such as Christian shares