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We have over 600 blood work, imaging studies and elective medical care treatments available right now.

Everything costs money. Now let’s help you save some.
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Helping millions save billions.

Pratter.us helps employees of all companies to search and save on medical costs.

We are independent of insurance companies, allowing us to focus on you. Employers save big money on health care and can fuel company growth.

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Medical cost transparency for:

  • Employees
  • Businesses
  • Medical Providers

Pratter empowers employees with the ability to save on medical care via true cost transparency.

Pratter is offered as an employee benefit. We are a financial impact company that reduces your #2 cost in your businesses after salaries - health care.

Pratter provides exposure to a large, very fast growing population of consumers with high deductibles.

Self-insured companies:

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The Pratter Solution

  • Medical cost savings analysis icon

    Medical cost savings analysis

    We will take your last year’s de-identified claims data and analyze it. Learn by procedure where you spent the most money and what you can do about it.

  • Unlimited searches icon

    Unlimited searches

    Unlimited medical costs searches by zip code at Pratter.us for each employee and his or her family.

  • Medical cost concierge icon

    Medical cost concierge

    Pratter-trained medical billers are ready to schedule the best value medical appointment for you and assist you with cost and billing questions.

  • Monthly cost-saving tips icon

    Monthly cost-saving tips

    Pratter removes the veil of pricing secrecy with these tips that hospitals and insurance companies won’t tell you.

  • Employer dashboard tips icon

    Employer dashboard

    If you have 50 or more employees, you receive a dashboard of costs searched and the percentage of employee engagement.

  • Shared cost data icon

    Shared cost data

    You are not alone. In fact, you get to view all companies' cost data on searches performed on our platform.

I created Pratter to help employers and employees save money.

Known pricing creates smart shopping.
Known pricing creates competition.
With competition, you win.

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